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I know all about the anxiety that debt can cause. I was once in almost a quarter of a million dollars worth of debt.

Fortunately, that state of being didn’t last long once I discovered and taped into my Money Consciousness.

In fact, within the space of 3 years I cleared all of that debt and then purchased my first £1,000,000 home in London.

For several years now I have been heralded as THE Leading Money Mindset Coach in the UK.

Money Mindset coaching has been life changing, not only for me but for so many of my clients.

I have just had a month where I made £52,000, I am coaching at an unbelievable level, my intuition is through the roof and I am aligned and in flow with what I am doing.

  Caroline Britton

I have manifested 11k in additional income and just this past week a part-time job for myself and full-time job for my hubby. More than all of that though, I am becoming more grateful and generous as my money mindset expands and I bust through pre-conditioned beliefs. 


This morning I woke up to a request for a new piece of work that will exceed my £3,333 this week and will take me half-way to my December goal.  BOOM! And it was NOT the one I am expecting to come through. Totally out of the blue.

 Susie Sourwine

This is a BRAND NEW topic, and one I’m absolutely honoured to share with the world.

My Money Consciousness coaching is charged at a cool £1111 per hour. I’m shit hot at what I do. In fact when it comes to Money Consciousness, I’m the best.

As a High Priestess, Consciousness Coach, Money Mindset Expert and Business Owner with over 12 years experience running multiple 6 and 7 figure companies, I combine spirituality, science and strategy to move you into a true place of abundance… one in which you are completely free from ‘debt’.

Charging £1111 an hour to people who have anxiety around money, crippling amounts of debt, limiting beliefs, and consciousness obstacles, is NOT helpful, or attainable, and certainly not effective.

So I created a free training in which I guide you through the three steps to truly becoming debt free.




By the end of this training, you’ll find you’re already debt-free, or at least well on your way to financial freedom and abundance!

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